Compare these photos

Hello. I'm Rachelle Leaf Berliner and the photos of my grandparents, an aunt and my dad when he was around 30 are on the website.

I'm writing because of your family photos on the website. I couldn't help but notice the thick, dark eyebrows. If you will look at my grandmother's and aunt's eyebrows, you will see the same thick, dark eyebrows. This is a common trait in the Leaf/Lieberman family as the son of Sarah Leaf Bernstein (my dad's first cousin mentioned in my story as his sponsor), also had the same distinct eyebrows. The other trait is the black, black hair.

In your photos, Max's eyes and Issie's eyes remind me a great deal of my brother's and my dad's. Vic didn't carry the dark, thick eyebrows, however. In your family tree, do you have a Shimshon, my grandfather's name? Do you have a Yosef Osher, my grandfather's brother? Could the Fuks/Levin family be cousins of the Lieberman family? Some of the Joseph Osher Leaf family believes the name was originally Lifschitz and maybe from the Ukraine, but I think that memory is incorrect.

Like the subject of this email . . . This is a long shot, but who knows?


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