Photos of Nagórzanka

submitted by Avi Schneebaum and Constance Cowan

Nagórzanka and Jagielnica were neighboring shtetlach [villages] situated very close to each other, in fact less than a kilometer apart.  Nagórzanka was perched on the hilltop overlooking Jagielnica. It is likely that at the time the postcards were published, Nagórzanka was considered an extension of Jagielnica and there was no inconsistency in identifying it as Jagielnica.  The Jewish communities of the two areas were intertwined, having one and the same economy, sharing the same synagogue, cemetery and schools. The tobacco factory was located on the hill in Nagórzanka overlooking Jagielnica.

nagorzanka101.jpg (137247 bytes)

Panoramic View from the Hill (Jagielnica, 1929)
Viewed from the hill of the tobacco factory, south of Jagielnica.
Submitted by Constance Cowan


nagorzanka104.jpg (107991 bytes)

The Tobacco Factory (Jagielnica, 1905-1910)
Submitted by Avi Schneebaum


nagorzanka105.jpg (117230 bytes)

The Tobacco Factory (1911).
Printed in 1905 by Bu Rubel (Rubla), Jewish printing firm in Jagielnica.
Mailed and stamped in 1911
Submitted by Constance Cowan and Avi Schneebaum


nagorzanka106.jpg (121295 bytes)

The Tobacco Factory
Submitted by Avi Schneebaum
Original:  Held by Ra’aya and Mina Shapira (used with permission)
Sent to Immanuel Gertner, at Tluste(?)
Inscribed:  “A souvenir, from your cousin”


nagorzanka805.jpg (77931 bytes)

The Tobacco Factory, Nagórzanka
Photographed by Wisia Freud, August 2002
(used with permission)


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