Youth Movements from Jagielnica, Ukraine

Photo Collection and Research:  Avi Schneebaum (Reinmann)
Translated from Hebrew:  Pnina Tadmor (Reinmann)

Note:  We have made every effort to corroborate identifications, spellings and facts.  We apologize for any errors you may find and request that  you notify us about them.  Question marks indicate doubt on identifications.

If you can identify any of the people in these photos whose names are missing please contact Susana Leistner Bloch.

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A group of youths from the Hamizrachi Movement (Jagielnica, 1923). Hamizrachi pioneers, the Dror Group. 

Original: Held by Yetti Idelson (Yehoshu'a Reinmann's daughter)
Identification: The Reinmann family

Kneeling on the right: Shiye (Yehoshu'a) Reinmann (Yetti's father)


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Youth Group with the picture of Herzl (Jagielnica, c. 1920). A group of Zionist youths 

Original: From the estate of Fanya Freud-Scholem, currently with Wisia
Identification: Wisia Freud, Miriam Schneebaum (née Reinmann), Ruja Henig (Shtramer)

Sitting, L to R:
1. Berl Axelrad
2. --
3. Itzik Shapira-Dolberg
4. Hudes Reich
5. Rochtche (Rachel) Hart ("Leibhart")

Standing, L to R:
1. Leib Axelrad
2. -- Veich
3. --
4. Shiye (Yehoshu'a) Reinmann-Grossman
5. --


jagielnica303.jpg (98442 bytes)

A group of youths from the Hashomer Hatza'ir Movement (Jagielnica, the early 1930s). 

Original: Held by David Falik
Identification: Shimke Finkelman, David Falik

Top, R to L:
1. Shimke Finkelman
2. --
3. Etke Geller (Channan Teicher's mother)
4. Yisrael Teiber
5. Leitche Bard
6. Etke Falik (David Falik's sister)

Middle Row, R to L:
1. Leitche Dresher
2. --
3. Abba (Menashe) Weinstock (Geffen)

Bottom Row, R to L:
1. Chanah Bitterman
2. Chaim Holtzman


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