Collection of Photographs from Jagielnica, Ukraine

Photo Collection and Research:  Avi Schneebaum (Reinmann)
Translated from Hebrew:  Pnina Tadmor (Reinmann)

Note:  We have made every effort to corroborate identifications, spellings and facts.  We apologize for any errors you may find and request that  you notify us about them.  Question marks indicate doubt on identifications.

jagielnica102.jpg (108787 bytes)

Rinek [Main Square] (Jagielnica, the 1920’s)

A Postcard of the market square, the early 1920’s.
Original:  Kibbutz Chulda Archives

Identification:  Ruja (HENIG) Shtramer
From left to right, the houses in lighter tones:

  1.  second door (two floors) – Rabbi ROSENZWEIG.  Third door: the MEISELS family

  2. WEISINGER family

  3. TEIBER family and shoe store

  4. Door on the right:  the family of Shmuel KRUMAN and his wife Rachel (née Hornik)

Behind the lighter-toned houses, in a row of houses not shown in the picture, the HALITCHER and FALIK families.  The house on the right behind Kruman:  Necha’s Notions Shop (“Black Wedding”)
The shacks which appear in the center of the photograph were demolished in the mid-1930’s, a building with shops on the first floor and the Municipality (Magistrate) on the second floor was later built on this site.  (The Mayor was Lachovitch – a Ukrainian doctor)
The well was situated approximately where the horses are standing.
The path on the right – was paved in the 1930’s and called “Shtrus” (Yiddish), “Pilsudsky Street” (Polish).
On the hill – the tobacco factory, formerly the castle of the Graff Landskoroensky.  On the left, beyond the trees, the town Nagozhanka, and beyond it – the Graff’s new estate.


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The Post Office (Jagielnica, before 1933).

(Before Mr. VARHAFTIG, the teacher, left the town.)
Originals:  Miriam Schneebaum (née REINMANN), Michal Zilberberg (Philo FREUD’s daughter)

Identification:  Shimke FINKELMAN
Center:  The Post Office, which alternatively served as a school house
On the left:  Ice cream kiosk belonging to Leibish STOLER (sign: “Lody”).

On the right:  The teacher, Notte VARHAFTIG – standing,  wearing a white cap.

The house on the right:  The HUTTERER family house.
The policeman – Tishlevich
In back, on the right – the dome of the Ukrainian church.


jagielnica107.jpg (84912 bytes)

 Photo of Wisia at the gate of the Jewish cemetery (Jagielnica, 1938)

Original:  Wisia Freud


jagielnica108.jpg (69180 bytes)

Photo of Wisia Freud and Hanche Hochman – on the bridge (1938)

On the left:  Wisia Freud - On the right:  Hanche Hochman

Avi Scheebaum comments: " Photo shows the scale and nature of
the fondly remembered bridge over the river."

Original:  Held by Wisia Freud


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