Group School Photos from Jagielnica, Ukraine

Photo Collection and Research:  Avi Schneebaum (Reinmann)
Translated from Hebrew:  Pnina Tadmor (Reinmann)

Note:  We have made every effort to corroborate identifications, spellings and facts.  We apologize for any errors you may find and request that  you notify us about them.  Question marks indicate doubt on identifications.

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The Hebrew School (Jagielnica, July 1937)

Original and Identification: Esther Efrat and Leah Choter-Yishai (the Weinstock sisters, from Kibbutz Beeri).

1st Row in back - R to L:
1. Avraham Dov VERBNER, the teacher (a poet)
2. Erica (of the WEINSTOCK family) FRIEDMAN
3. Eliezer HALICHER, the teacher

2nd Row, center, R to L:
1. Manek BLUM
2. Yoela WEINSTOCK (currently Yoela Geffen, from Jerusalem)
3. Hinda HALICHER (the teacher's daughter)
5. Ruja AXELROD (daughter of Moshe and Chaitche)
6. Esther WEINSTOCK (currently Efrat, from Beeri)

3rd Row, front - R to L:
1. Priva VERBNER, the wife of Avraham DOV, the teacher
2. Mathilda VERBNER, the sister of Avraham Dov Verbner


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The Hebrew School (Jagielnica, March 1938) 

Original: Esther Efrat and Leah Choter-Yishai (the Weinstock sisters, from Kibbutz Beeri)
Identification: Frieda (Volkowitz) Shtrang, Ruja (Henig) Shtramer, Regina (Henig) Brenner, Sam Weisinger 

1st Row - Bottom, L to R:
1. Ruja Werfel (identified by Weisinger)
2. Nusha OXHORN
3. Ruja HENIG
4. --
5. --
6. Prieva VERBNER (the teacher's wife)
7. Eliezer HALICHER, the teacher
8. Mayer LUZA's daughter ? (according to Frieda)
9. Etka GELLER ? (according to Frieda and Ruja)
10. Ruja AXELROD, daughter of Moshe the carpenter.
11. Pnina HALICHER, daughter of the teacher
12. KESSLER, the teacher - standing on the side.

2nd Row from the bottom, L to R:
13. Bluma? Or Kuja KATZ ?
14. --
15. Bluma, whose father had died (according to Frieda)
16. Genia REIGENBOGEN (not Kashti??)
17. Mina BRILLER
18. DENKER ? daughter of Mayer Luja (according to Frieda)
20. Regina HENIG (Ruja's sister. Currently: Regina Brenner, Rishon Letziyon)
21. --
22. --
23. Rachel BERNSTEIN
24. Yechiel MOSER (according to Sam Weisinger)

3rd Row from the bottom, L to R:
25. Frieda VOLKOWITZ ?
27. Hinda HALICHER, the teacher's daughter
28. Salche MOSER (according to Weisinger)
29. --
30. Leib BALEGULA's son (according to Frieda)
31. Moshu VOLKOWITZ? (according to Frieda, his cousin)
32. Berl BITTERMAN FEUERSTEIN (according to Weisinger)
33. Sarah SHAPIRA (sister of Bat Sheva, No. 42)
34. Pearl FALIK (David's sister)
35. Chana Falckenflick (according to Ruja Hening and Weisinger)

4th Row from the bottom, L to R:
36. Esther WEINSTOCK (currently Esther Efrat, from Beeri)
37. Yoela WEINSTOCK (currently Yoela Geffen, from Jerusalem)
38. --
39. David FALCKENFLICK, Chana's brother (according to Weisinger)
40. --
41. Sender LEDERMAN ? (according to Frieda) or Kalman OXHORN ? (according to Weisinger)
42. Bat Sheva SHAPIRA, Sara Shapira's sister (No. 33)
44. Tzilla HELD
45. Usha EINHORN
46. --

5th Row from the bottom, L to R:
47. Blum (?) according to Frieda: Mushu REGENBOGEN - not Kashti
48. --
49. Musha HERZOG
50. Shimshon TAUBER (according to Ruja and Weisinger)
51. Yaacov BLUM
52. Yehoshua HERZOG
53. Pinchas BRILLER (according to Ruja and Weisinger)
55. Zishe DENKER ? (according to Frieda - not a brother of Berl Denker)


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The Hebrew School (photographed in 1939) 

The class of children born in 1923 who wrote the essays in the "Sefer Hayevul" ("The Harvest Book"). 
Original: Ruja (Shoshana) Shtramer (née Henig)
Except for Ruja Henig-Shtramer - all the persons identified perished in WW2.

1st Row - Bottom, R to L:
1. Pnina HALITCHER (the teacher's daughter)
2. Usha (Rachel) EINHORN
3. Eliezer HALITCHER (the teacher)
4. Priva VERBNER (married the teacher Avraham-Dov)
5. Mathilda VERBNER (sister of the teacher Avraham-Dov)
6. Avraham Dov VERBNER (the teacher), a Hebrew poet, made Aliyah to Palestine in 1936, subsequently returned to the Ukraine.
8. Bat Sheva SHAPIRA (Sarah's twin sister)

2nd Row - From the bottom, R to L:
2. Nusha (Hannah) OXHORN
3. Sarah SHAPIRA (Bat Sheva's twin sister)
5. Tzilla HELD
6. Pearl FALIK (David Falik's sister)
7. Ruja HENIG (Shoshana Shtramer)
8. --
9. --

3rd Row from the bottom, R to L:
1. --
2. --
3. Yehoshua HERZOG
4. --
5. -- TAUBER
6. Yaacov BLUM
7. Musha HERZOG
8. --


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The Polish School (Jagielnica, the late 1920's) 

Original: Held by Yetti Shtrauber, Ramat Gan (née Yetke, daughter of Usher Schwartz)
Identification: Yetti Shtrauber, Ruja (Henig) Shtramer, Sam Weisinger

1st Row - Bottom, L to R:
1. a Gentile girl
2. Charne DOLINER
3. a Jewish girl
4. a Gentile girl
5. a teacher
6. a teacher
7. a Gentile girl
8. Ruja (Rachel) HIRSHBEIN (?)
9. a Jewish girl
10. a girl who lived with her grandmother following the death of her father.

2nd Row from the bottom, L to R:
11. --
12. --
13. --
14. the furrier's daughter (sister of No. 18)
15. --

3rd Row from the bottom, L to R:
16. --
17. --
18. the furrier's daughter (sister of No. 14)
19. Tashka DOMBROVSKA (Polish girl)
20. --
21. a girl from Nagórzanka, one of 3 sisters, lived near REIGENBOGEN-KASHTI
22. Yetke SCHWARTZ (Shtrauber)
23. Bertha MELAMED (Nadler)
24. --
25. Frieda WEISINGER
26. Chana BITTERMAN (according to Sam Weisinger(?) )
27. --
28. --

4th Row from the bottom, L to R:
29. -
30. --
31. --
32. --
33. His parents owned a flour store, lived opposite BIRNBAUM
34. --
35. a Gentile boy
36. --
37. --
38. a Gentile boy, the son of the manager of the tobacco factory
39. -
40 -
41 --



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The Polish School (Jagielnica, 1932-33). 

Original: Held by David Falik, Nir David
Identification: Ruja Henig-Shtramer
In the background, on the right: the Polish school, and in the back, the Ukrainian Church.

1st Row - Bottom, lying down at the right:
1. Salche MOSER (?)
2. a Polish girl
3. a Polish girl

2nd Row from the bottom, sitting, R to L:
4. a Polish girl
5. Nusha OXHORN
6. Shapira
7. Pearl FALIK (David Falik's sister)
9. Tzilla HELD
10. a Polish girl

3rd Row from the bottom, sitting on a bench, R to L:
11. a Jewish girl
12. a Polish girl
13. A Polish girl (hunchback) 
14. KOLUGA, a Ukranian teacher
15. SOJKA, the School Principal, Polish
16. a Polish girl
17. Tzilla TAUBER (not Teiber from the iron store)
18. Ruja HENIG (currently: Shoshana Shtramer)
19. Yulke PODHORNA, a Ukrainian girl
20. Chana BERNSTEIN (of the Herzog family)
21. a Gentile girl

4th Row from the bottom, R to L:
22. Hella TAKCHUK (Ukrainian-Polish)
23. a Gentile girl
24. Ruja RUDOLPH
25. a Gentile girl
26. a Gentile girl
27. a Gentile girl
28. Next to the tree: Paulina HOROSHOVNA, a teacher. Saved a Jew during the war, at Skala.
29. Kaja ROVLOVSKY, a Polish girl
30. SOJKOVA, a teacher and the wife of the Principal, Sojka.
31. Milka DOMBROVSKY, a Polish girl, the daughter of the Church organist.
32. a Polish girl
33. a Polish girl

5th Row from the bottom, R to L:
34. Usha EINHORN
35. --
36. ESSENFELD (the sister of Abba Essenfeld)
37. --
38. a Polish girl
39. a Polish girl
40. a Polish girl
41. TISHLEVICH, a Polish girl, the daughter of the policeman.



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