Strabychovo, Ukraine
Страбичово, Yкраïна

also known as:
Sztrabicsó (HU), Strabichëvo (CZ), Strabychove (RU), Stribitche (Yiddish)

48°23' N / 22°33' E

~ Introduction ~

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Strabychovo   was part of the Kingdom of Hungary (11th century - 1920 and 1938-1944) with the name of Sztrabicsó   in Bereg megye (county), next part of Czechoslovakia (1920-1938) with the name of Strabichëvo   in Podkarpatská Rus (Sub-Carpathia), then part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1945-1991) with the name of Strabychove   and, since 1991, known as Strabychovo, in the Mukachevskiy (Mukachivs'kyy) rayon (district) of Zakarpats'ka oblast (county) of Ukraine.

Other spellings/names for Strabychovo are Mezõterebes, Strabicsó, Strebicsó, Sztrabicsova, Strabichevo and Strabychove. In Yiddish, Strabychovo was referred to as Stribitche  .

Strabychovo is located about 8.9 miles SW of Mukacheve.

~ Maps ~

Zakarpats'ka oblast, Ukraine
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1910 Map: Bereg megye/Sztrabicsó (Click map to enlarge it)
1910 Map (Topographical): Bereg megye/Sztrabicsó
Austro-Hungary Military Map: Bereg megye/Sztrabicsó (Click map to enlarge it)
Handwritten Town Map (Vertical): Bereg megye/Sztrabicsó (Click map to enlarge it)
Courtesy of Leopold D. MERMELSTEIN, Israel
Handwritten Town Map (Horizontal): Bereg megye/Sztrabicsó (Click map to enlarge it)
Courtesy of Leopold D. MERMELSTEIN, Israel

~ History ~

The first Jews probably settled in Strabychovo in the mid-18th century. In 1877, the population of Strabychovo was 893 made up of Hungarians, Rusyns and Jews and comprised the following religions: Roman Catholic (6), Greek Orthodox (815) and Jewish (72).

Today, Strabychovo is a large village of about 3,255 inhabitants. A number of Hungarians, Ukrainians, Rusyns/Ruthenians still live there. A great number of the Jews of Strabychovo were murdered in the Holocaust. No Jews live there today.

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