Meet the Residents of Stavisht

Linderman family of Stavisht
The Linderman family to the right; unidentified family on the left. Read more about this photo on the Gallery page.

As you explore the names, narratives, and photos of the people of Stavisht, please remember that this site has been put together with the personal collections and research of only a few individuals. Your contributions to this site, whether it be family stories, recipes, documents, or photographs, will help continue to grow the site and keep it interesting and vibrant to descendants of Stavisht families. If you have an item to share, corrections, or other names to include in the database, please contact the webmaster.

Below you will find links to the Resident Database, the Stavisht Yizkor Book, and the photo Gallery page. The Stavisht Resident Database created by Karen I. Sanders in 2012 was updated in 2016. It lists more than 2500 names, including family relationships, and provides information on the resources used.

The Stavisht Yizkor Book and the family memories posted on the Stories page bring to life many of the shtetl's residents. Work your way through links to both written and oral family stories and the chapters of the Yizkor Book to read about Rabbi Yitzhak Avraham Gaisinsky, the cantor who coughed whenever he sang, and the memories of Yosl Golub who outlines the families, shops, and synagogues of Stavisht circa 1919-1920.

And, be sure to view the photos of beloved Stavishters on the Gallery page.