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1. Russian Dragoons on the March Between
Ivanowitz and Skala (1888)
2. Stretch of road through Stara Skala
(Old Skala) (1931)

3. Locations of
photos 1 and 2
4. Skala's railway station (top) and custom house (bottom) (1916)

5. Skala's former railway station (2006)
6. Skala's main street 1930)

Photo 1 courtesy of Helene Kenvin
Photos 2 and 6 are part of Tomek Wisniewski's extensive collection, "Alfabet Polski--Polish Alphabet" and "We Are In Search Of Poland Society"
Map 3 copyrighted by Helene Kenvin
Photo 4 courtesy of Joel Blank
Photo 5 copyrighted by Anatolie Didyk
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