Weingast-Schachter-Blutstein Family

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The family's matriarch, Yitta Weingast Schachter, was born in Skala around 1858. After her marriage to Itzig Schachter, the young couple moved to Olchowiec (a shtetl some 20 miles from Skala) where all of their children were born. Members of the Schachter family emigrated to New York in 1898 and 1899.

Seated in the front row, left to right: Itzig (Isaac) Schachter [born ca. 1856 in Galicia; died July 9, 1926 in New York]; Yitta Weingast Schachter [born ca. 1858 in Skala; died February 12, 1920 in Brooklyn]; Yitta's son-in-law Moshe Leib (Morris) Blutstein [born 1875 in Skala, son of Koppel Blutstein and Chana Schmerzberg; emigrated in 1894; died in Los Angeles, September 11, 1959]; in his lap: Fannie Blutstein [born 1904, New York; died 1919 in New York, aged 15, in the post-war influenza pandemic].

Standing, from left to right: Shaje (Samuel) Schachter [born 1894 in Olchowiec; died July 6, 1962 in Brooklyn]; Chaim (Herman) Schachter [born 1892 in Olchowiec; died in Brooklyn]; Rifka (Rebecca) Schachter [born 1886 in Olchowiec; died in Brooklyn]; Srul Juda Leib (Irving) Schachter [born 1889 in Olchowiez]; Malka Gittel (Mildred) Schachter [born 1891, Olchowiec; later married Nathan Wiesenthal; died 1951]; Jenty (Yetta) Schachter Blutstein [born 1881 in Olchowiec; died 1969 in Los Angeles]. Standing child in front: Yakov (Jacob, Jack) Blutstein [born 1902, New York].

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