Faces of Skala Emigrés in America: 1890-1920

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1. Sam Wiesenthal

2. Skala Landsman - 1916

3. Leib Schachter-Zwirnbaum and
his son Sam Zeidner

4. Elias Weidenfeld and Frieda Schachter-
Zwirnbaum Weidenfeld and their children

5. Family of Louis Rosenzweig and Annie Rosenstock (1913)

6. Weingast-Schachter-Blutstein Family

7. Gittel (Gussie) Menczel

8. Raisel (Rose) and
Esther Rosenstock

9. Raisel (Rose)Rosenstock and
her husband Louis Finkelstein

10. Hymie Wiesenthal

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