Shumsk Remembered in Israel


Most of those residents who left Shumsk in the 1930s or survived World War II made their way to Israel.  They published the yizkor book Sefer Zikaron Le-Kedoshe Shumsk in 1968. 

Those with a connection to Shumsk still assemble at the Seminar Hakibbutzim in Tel Aviv each August for the Kremenets and Shumsk Association in Israel's meeting and memorial ceremony.  If you plan to be in Israel and are interested in more information, you may inquire here.  You can read a description of the 2009 memorial service here.

Shumsk descendents in Israel have also been responsible for the erection of a permanent fence around what remains of the Shumsk Jewish cemetery.

A memorial to Shumsk exists in the Holon Cemetery, and can be viewed here.

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