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Remembering the Jewish community of Shumsk

Shumsk, Ukraine - 50 07' N 26 07' E
Shumsk [Ukr], Shumskoye [Rus], Shumsk [Yid], Szumsk [Pol]

About Shumsk

Shumsk Yizkor Book (in English and בעברית)

Articles about Shumsk History (new addtion: translation of Shumsk chapter from Pinkas Hakehilot Polin)

Images of Shumsk (new additions: extraordinary New Year's card featuring a panoramic photograph of the old town; images of Shumskers killed in the Holocaust; photographs taken in 1932 by Jacob Silberberg)

The Jewish Cemetery

The Mass Grave

Shumsk Necrology

People and Memories of Shumsk

Shumsk Business Directories 1923-1930

Shumsk Remembered in Israel

Shumsk Links

Shumsk Resources on JewishGen


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