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  Schmieheim in Pictures

The Jewish Cemetery
Cemetery Wide Photo
Rosina Bernheim Dreifuss headstone
Stone of Jakob Trefuss (Dreyfuss)
Largely decayed or damaged headstone of my great, great grandmother, Rosina Bernheim Dreifuss (Altdorf OSB 3972).  Rosina, great grandmother of the author, was born in Schmieheim on March 28, 1821 and died in childbirth on April 16, 1864 in Altdorf. This illustrative headstone shows the characteristic color of the Schmieheim Cemetery sandstone and the fragility of a 180 year old sandstone surface. The number 199 at the top is from the cemetery's original numbering system.  This grave is of Jakob (Yakov) Dreyfuss (Altdorf OSB no. 3959), who died 24 December 1833.  The other side of the stone (not shown) has additional Hebrew writing.  The Hebrew spelling shown on the stone 'tet,fey' is typical of the early spelling of DREIFUSS, DREYFUS, etc demonstrating the origin of the name believed to be Jews expelled from the Prussian City of Treves (in English now is Trier), the oldest city in Germany.  For this reason most of the various spellings of my name today probably derive from a family or group of families from the same place.
Schmieheim Cemetery
Stone in Cemetery
Cemetery View
This is a view of the front section of the cemetery facing the wall and the road outside the cemetery.

  Missing Schmieheim graves
Some graves are without headstones.  Since Jews were buried in chronological order, maintained records, such as the OSB suggest that this spot (in row 29 between graves 46 and 47) is where my great great great grandfather, Abraham Dreyfuss of Altdorf may be buried.  Shown in photograph are Peter Dreifuss with cousins Hana Meyer Moses and her husband Warner Moses. Hana's  great, great, great grandfather is also Abraham.
Schmieheim World War I Memorial Tree-like Gravestone
Memorial to Germany's soldiers who died in the first World War. "To the country's fallen sons. Dedicated with gratitude from the communities of the Schmieheim Funeral Association.  Peace to the Distant. Peace to the Near." The memorial was restored in 1998.

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