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Assorted Information


     1874:  About 200 Jewish households in census.
     1880:  About  200 Russian farmers and about 30 Jewish families (Slutzk and Vicinity Memorial Book, p.488).  (This seems to contradict the census.)
      Romanova had only 4 streets (Libby Ginsburg).


      Gedalia Rabinovich  b. abt. 1823      (Gerry Gilstrop)
      Abraham Pinchas Goldberg,  1845-1935, "the Wonder Worker of Romanova"      (Slutzk and Vicinity Memorial Book)

Historical Events

      Around 1860's-1870's  Cholera Epidemic (Gerry Gilstrop)
      About 1902  Fire destroyed large part of town ( Slutzk and Vicinity, p. 253 )

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