KehilaLinks:  Romanovo

Alternate Spellings: Romanova, Romanowo
Modern Name: Lenino, Lunino

Location:       Latitude 5343', Longitude 2695'
                       Slutsk District, Minsk Province, Belarus
                       About 21 km. W. of Slutsk, 101 km. S. of Minsk


     Maps comparing Romanova with present-day Lenino

    Minsk Gubernia 1834  (
            (Scroll "east" until  top middle of  map - "Prydroysk" will be in view.  Then scroll "south", passing Minsk and eventually "Sloutsk",  with "Romanov" to its west)

    Russian Map Late 19th Century:  Go to, choose genealogy, then    maps, then historical maps, then Russian Map Late XIX c.
           ( Scroll down to  coordinates given above for Slutsk. The Russian transliterations are roughly:  MIHCK=Minsk; C^yuk=Slutsk;  PaMaHobo=Romanova.)


     Entry from JewishGen Gazetteer
     Entry from Where Once We Walked
     Assorted Information

Census of 1874


     Interview with Libby Ginsburg, b. Romanova 1888
     Interview with Aaron Osherowitz, b. Romanova 1884

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Ten Pages on Romanova from Slutzk and Vicinity Memorial Book
In Hebrew and Yiddish
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