Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

"Rose City,"  "Bridgetown," "Stumptown"

Lat: 43 31', Long: 122 40'

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Daniel Froehlich did some original research, and found these very early marriages:

The first known Jewish wedding in Oregon was in Benton County, Oregon:
20 December 1857:  Phillip Cohen of Portland to Clara Stock of Corvallis. Ancestry.com has this incorrectly as 1854; Film Number 004388873.

The first known Jewish weddings in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon:

25 July 1858:  Peter Funkenstein/Funkenstine to Sarah L. Levy, Portland, Multnomah County marriage book ["book"] 1, p. 34
It was recorded on 31 July, in the Oregonian:  "In this city, July 25th, at the home of the bride's father, by William Beck, JP, Mr. Peter Funkinstein and Miss Sarah Leah Levy. San Francisco papers, please copy."

18 September 1858:  Simon Baum to Mariana/Marjana Bettman, Portland, book 1, p. 38. Lowenstein has this marriage on p. 49-50. The couple married in Burke's Hall in a bare loft above a livery stable and blacksmith shop on First Avenue, near the riverfront. This is where Beth Israel congregation held its services until 1861.

19 September 1858:  Elias Stille of Independence, Polk Co., OR, to Caroline Weinshank, Portland, book 1, p. 47

26 January 1859:  Solomon Galland to Adelaide Goodman, Marian Co., OR

4 February 1859:  Sigmund Simon Rosenblatt to Sarah Lena Bettman, Portland, book 1, p. 47

1 May 1859:  Solomon Beary to Bertha Steinheiser, Portland, book 1, p. 38. This was the first Multnomah County marriage after Oregon became a state [Feb. 14, 1859].

5 June 1859:  Herman Hyman Solomon to Emma Levy, Portland, book 1, p. 52

19 September 1859:  Simon Baum to Marjana Bettman, Portland, book 1, p. 38

29 September 1861:  Joseph Bergman to Carolina Bettman, Portland, book 1, p. 97

10 November 1861:  Abraham Isaac Bloch to Babetta Falk, Portland, book 1, p. 97

11 May 1862:  Lewis Sternbach to Marry Schlussel, both of Albany, Lynn County, OR, in Portland, book 1, p. 110

Daniel has digitized records from 1857 to 1911.

Eliezer/Daniel Froelich lives in Corvallis, OR.

Source:  Daniel Froelich email to JGSOregon@gmail.com, August 14, 2020 and 15 October, 2020, with permission

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon also has many of these records. https://gfo.org/



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