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Polonnoye Synagogue, Pre WWII.
Photo of painting by
Isakowitz Jurij (Yuriy) Khodorkovsky, 1996
Donated by Eric Himmelfarb.

Welcome to the website for genealogists researching
the Jewish shtetl of Polonnoye, Ukraine, 5007'/2731'.

Polonnoye is located in Khmelnyts'ka Oblast (formerly Kamenets-Podolski Guberniya). 

Alternate town names include:


Nearby shtetls are Poninka, Novalabun, Baranovka, Lyubar, Sudilkov, Shepetivka, Rogachev, Kamennyy Brod, Chudnov, and Starokonstantinov.

Famous Jews from Polonnoye included the poet Peretz Markish (1895-1952) and a number of prominent rabbis.

Many descendants of Jews from Polonnoye continue to research this shtetl and live in the United States, Israel, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain.

Organized landsmanshaften included the Independent Poloner Kranken Unt. Verein, Poloner Independent Aid Society, Inc., and the Poloner Relief Society. Cemeteries, photos, and records from these expatriate groups survive.

There are genealogical resources and historical references including two yizkor memorial books that document the Jewish history of Polonnoye. The pre-Holocaust Jewish population was approximately 5,500. Nearly all were murdered by the Germans during World War II. As of 1999, approximately 100 Jews lived in the community.

Records show that Jews settled in the area as early as the 14th century and that 10,000 people, including Jews and Poles, were killed during the Chmielnicki massacres in 1648.

Perhaps the best and most personal historical accounts are from individuals who have provided personal memoirs and memorabilia about their ancestors.

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