Famous Rabbis of Polonnoye

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Photo by: Evelyn Mintzer

Photo by: Evelyn Mintzer
Burial site of Rabbi Yakov Yosef  HaCohen. 
The grave is called an "ohel", meaning a tent. 
The grave and marker are in the Polonnoye Cemetery 
Grave of Rabbi Yakov - Yosef  HaCohen 
(Hebrew and Russian)
"Chronicler and historian of Hasidism. Famous student of the Baal Shem Tov. Author of the books 'Toldot' and 'Ben Porat'" (Russian)

Links re: Polonnoye Rabbis

There are many links on the internet for Rabbi Jacob Joseph and some for Rabbi Arye Leib.  These links continue to grow and are forever changing.  For those who wish to search further, enter "Jacob Joseph Polonnoye", "Yaakov Josef  Polonnoye",  "Arye Leib Polonnoye" or simply "Rabbi Polonnoye" into your favorite search engine.


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