Palanok Holocaust

The day after Passover 5704 (16 April 1944), the general roundup of all Palanok's Jews began.
They were all taken to the ghetto, where they cowered for a month or so and then were transported to Auschwitz.

~ Palanok Holocaust Data ~

See the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names for a database of names.

~ Palanok Holocaust Survivors ~

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Book: Yankeke: A Holocaust Survivor's Bittersweet Memoir
Author: Alex (Yankele) GROSS
Publisher: University Press of America (2001)
ISBN: 978-0761821380

Summary: Alex tells the tale of his life as a Hungarian boy—amidst the turmoil of World War II Europe—beginning with his childhood in the village of Palanok. He recalls happy memories nestled in the bosom of family and friends, however, his peaceful existence was shortly disrupted when his community is rounded up and placed in a ghetto and subsequently deported to Auschwitz. Here Alex vividly depicts the horror of his imprisonment at the camp, his forced march to Gleiwitz, and his ride on the flat car to Buchenwald—a journey that has been similarly immortalized by Elie Wiesel's Night. After he was liberated, Alex was free to reunite with his surviving siblings in Prague, but also had to face all of the difficulties inherent in beginning a new life.
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