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Novaya Ushytsya
48°50′ N, 27°17′ E
Нова Ушиця

Alternative names

Nova Ushytsya [Ukr]; Novaya Ushitsa [Rus];
Letnevtsy [Rus, until 1829];
Nei–Ushitz [Yid]; Oyshitz [Yid]; Uszyca [Pol]

Jewish Population

1765:   229
1897: 2,213
1939: 1,547

  • Holocaust time line

    • 14 July 1941: Nazis occupy Nova Ushytsya

    • September 1941: Jews forced into ghetto

    • 20 August 1942: Selection – 3,222 Jews executed

    • 16 October 1942: Ghetto liquidated – 2,620 Jews executed

  • Read Mikhael Eisen's A World War II Memoir

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