Ephraim Kagan
Courtesy of Yad Vashem 
(Image submitted to Yad Vashem by Yaakov Kagan

Among the papers of the Central Relief Committee, an Orthodox Jewish organization affiliated with the Joint Distribution Committee,
are a cable transfer and cablegram (see below), personally sent in 1938 by Rabbi Israel Rosenberg, its chairman,
to Efroim Kagan of the Jewish Community of Narewka. These were sent just nineteen months
before the German invasion of Poland and the Russian occupation of eastern Poland and, specifically, Narewka.

Froim Kagan, son of Morduhov, is listed in the 1907 and 1912 DUMA Voter Lists. Ephraim Kagan also appears
in Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names. Testimonies submitted by his grandchildren inform us that Kagan,
a wood merchant, born in 1865, had lived in Narewka, and was among those murdered there in 1941.
Several other members of the Kagan family were also killed in the Holocaust.

Cable Transfer from Rabbi Israel Rosenberg, c/o Central Relief Committee,
to Efroim Kagan, Gminy Zydowskiej, Narewka, 14 February 1938

Cable Transfer

Courtesy Yeshiva University Archives, Central Relief Committee Collection


Cablegram from Rabbi Israel Rosenberg to Efroim Kagan,
Gminy Zydowskiej [Jewish Community], Narewka (Bielsk Podl.), 18 February 1938

"Bezueglich Bitte schicke 80 Dollars"

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