Born in Narewka*; died 25 March 1911 in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire at the age of 16.

Gravestone of
                    Anna Altman Banner for Anna Altman
Gravestone of Anna Altman,
United Hebrew Cemetery, UHC
Staten Island, NY
Photo courtesy of
Lauren Shulsky Orenstein, 2013

Photo of Anna Altman banner being carried at the Centennial Procession of 146 Shirtwaists and Sashes to honor the victims and at the Workers United - Official Triangle Fire 100th Anniversary Commemoration;
photo by Joy Kestenbaum, 25 March 2011

Born in Narewka*, Russia (now in northeastern Poland), Anna Altman immigrated to New York circa 1906, probably with her mother Sarah and her sisters, who, according to the 1910 U.S. Federal Census, also arrived this same year.  A sewing machine operator at the Triangle Waist Company, one of the largest garment factories in New York, Anna was only 16 when she jumped to her death from the ninth floor of the burning building, during the infamous and tragic Triangle Fire of 25 March 1911.
Anna Altman's Death

Certificate and Record of Death
The Triangle Waist Company was located on the top three floors of the 10-story Asch Building, on the northwest corner of Washington Place and Greene Street, one block from Washington Square. For information on the fire, see the Wikipedia article Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire  and Remembering The Triangle Factory Fire, presented by The Kheel Center, Catherwood Library, in collaboration with UNITE! - Cornell University ILR School, which has a page on Anna, Victim Information, List of Victims: "146 Lives Lost," and "Death List Show Few Identified," from New York Times, 26 March 1911.

*According to Lauren Shulsky Orenstein, Anna Altman and her family had immigrated to New York from Narewka; Lauren's great-grandfather Morris Altman identified the body of his sixteen-year old sister Anna.

The following translation from an article from the Forward-Triange-Archives was found online at
Triangle Fire Reporting from the Forverts Archives

Read reporting published in the Yiddish-language Forverts in the aftermath of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.
Articles were translated by Chana Pollack, Ezra Glinter and Myra Mniewski.
Funerals ....

On the second floor at 33 Pike Street our reporter encountered two teary sisters of one of the victims, the name of the unfortunate one being Annie Altman. She was 16 years old.

'Our parents live in Russia,' the mournful ones said. 'We were five sisters here and only four of us remain. Annie was the fourth. We get along well as sisters. We're extremely devoted to each other. Annie was beloved by all of us. She was so good, so likeable, if only we had a photograph of her as a memento! Annie never had her photo taken. She decided to go have a photo taken with all of us, but the angel of death took her from us before so much as an image of her could remain.'

The sister who relayed this to the reporter showed him photographs of other victims in the fire. She viewed them enviously as fresh tears formed in her eyes.

'Their sisters actually have a memento. I'd be willing to pay you any amount to have a portrait of my dear sister....gone! gone! Not even a relic is left darling Anneleh!...' A bitter lament choked her and she was no longer able to speak.

"More Tragedies in the Darkened Homes, from article originally published in the Forverts, listed in the Forward-Triangle-Archives under 28 March 1911, published 3/29/2011.

Gravestones of Louis and Sarah Altman, Anna Altman's Parents
Courtesy of Lauren Shulsky Orenstein
Grave of
                    Louis Altman
Gravestone of Louis (Ari Zvi) Altman,
son of Yosef Zev HaCohen,
father of Anna,

United Hebrew Cemetery, UHC,
Staten Island
Photo courtesy of
Lauren Shulsky Orenstein, 2013

Gravestone of Sarah Malka Altman,
daughter of Moshe Zelman [Drezdel]
mother of Anna,

United Hebrew Cemetery, UHC,
Staten Island
Photo courtesy of
Lauren Shulsky Orenstein, 2013

"Today we remember the workers that lost their lives ..."
From the 107th commemoration of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, March 2018 - photo: Joy Kestenbaum

107th commemoration of
            Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, March 2018

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