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Compiled by Barbara Ellman

Created: Sep. 2015
Updated: Mar 2018

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    The Jewish farming communities were in the news many times over the years. 

    There was even a monthly newspaper, The Jewish Farmer, that was produced in Yiddish.

     Baron Hirsch's Russian Jews as American Farmers - 1892

     The Inquirer Roadster (Page1)  1899 description of towns of Bridgeton, Millville, Rosenhayn & Norma

     The Inquirer Roadster (Page 2)

     The Jewish Farmer Colonies in New Jersey - 1902

     Jews are Answering the Call of the Land - 1916

     New Jersey Poultry Production Leader - 1920

The Jewish Messenger provides the following account of a wedding in October, 1882 at the Alliance colony:

Alliance Wedding

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