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~ Magda SPIEGEL Interviews ~
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In 2011, Magda SPIEGEL was interviewed in New York City by her cousin, Amos Israel ZEZMER.

Magda was born in nearby Klyucharki (Várkulcsa) on 30 January 1924, and at about age ten, her family moved to the neighboring city of Munkács.

On the Klyucharki KehilaLink web site, Magda talks about her early childhood, family and friends before moving to Munkács.

  • Interview Part I: Magda talks about her teenage years, the Czechoslovak period, family, friends, schooling and events leading up to her deportation to the Auschwitz concentration lager (camp).

  • Interview Part II: Magda talks about the period leading up to the Holocaust in Munkács, being forced into the ghetto, her deportation to Auschwitz, her transfer to the Stutthof labor camp, the "death march" excaping the approaching Soviet Army, her experiences after being abandonded by the fleeing German SS guards, her journey back to Munkács after liberation and lastly, her experiences after returning to Munkács.
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Interview Part I
6 December 2011
Time: 36:18 [Minutes:Seconds]

Interview Part II
6 December 2011
Time: 72:44 [Minutes:Seconds]

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