Israeli flag
Mishmar HaYarden, Israel
משמר הירדן

Coordinates:  33° 0' 10.47" N  35° 35' 59.38" E
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Segal family Tree

Segal Family Tree
Balashnikov Family, was in Syrian Prison

Balashnikov Family
Held in Syrian Prison
Dr. Rudi (on right), 1935

Dr. Rudi (on right), 1935
Guards, 1943

Guards, 1943
(in front of Leibel
Arie Shneider House)
Lubowski Family

Lubowski Family
List of Houses by Mordechai Lubowski

List of Houses
by Mordechai Lubowski
School, 1910 (center): school master Pinchas Noiman

School, 1910
(front, center):
Schoolmaster Pinchas Noiman


BITMUNA; credit: Nadav Mann, DR.

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