Here you will find a trove of information. Be sure to check out the master list we have named Complete Lyakhovichi Records Catalog where you will find more than 27,000 records that have been indexed for Lyakhovichi. You can also click the button to show all entries for Lyakhovichi in the JewishGen Belarus Database:

The Archives section describes the National Historic Archives of Belarus, Minsk and how to contact them.

In the Civil Records you will find the history and samples of births, deaths, marriages and divorces and other types of community records.

Russian Records enumerates how Jews were drafted and served in the military.

For genealogists, street, business and city directories are worth combing through. There are a couple of archival resources here too.

The Census section contains censuses, revision lists, supplements and a comparison. Remember that you can use the master list to make your own comparisons of who lived in a certain place at a certain time.

Imperial Russian Records examines the data that can be extracted from the Russian tax Lists of 1883 and 1884, the Russian revision lists and information about a sampling of emigres.

1920 - 1939 Polish Records were created by and for the Polish government about the Jews of Lyakhovichi - how they participated fully in Polish life and who decided to leave.

The section Around the World is just a sample of records of other nations created about those from Lyakhovichi.

The Russian Tax Lists detail which Jews from Lyakhovichi were included and how that collection was done.

Two links under Death Records show what kind of genealogical information can be extracted from and how to decipher a death certificate.

Life for Lyakhovichi Jews in Soviet Russia from 1939 can be found in this page from these Soviet Records.

Churches recorded the Jews of Lyakhovichi. You will find a deep history of this relationship on this page.

The history of who owned property in Lyakhovichi can be found here.

Many Lechovichers are listed in the Slutsk Chevra Kadisha (burial society) records.

Newspapers are useful research tools for genealogical purposes.

More examples of 19th & 20th century historical documents can be found on these pages.

The value of an obituary for an individual genealogy or family history cannot be understated. This page will act as a guide on the benefits of using the obit as a research tool.

Publications is a virtual library of books studied by our Lyakhovichi ancestors. This page contains many photos of these books and periodicals that our relatives read and subscribed to.