This is also the first time that all the separate lists are brought together combining the material into a single data table which is divided alphabetically over several pages. You can find these records in the Complete Lyakhovichi Records Catalog using the tab Migration Records (compiled).

These pages give us a window to the manner and distance our relatives traveled to make a new life for themselves and their families.

By studying the European Ports and European Emigration pages, it will be clear how many people listed Lyakhovichi as their place of origin and which ports of call the European lines serviced including the trains and ports other than New York.

The myths about why people left are dispelled in the Local Migrations and Migrations before 1880 page.

Migration documents of Lyakhovichi residents including Ellis Island show for most of our descendants, the main entry point to the US was Ellis Island. There was another US port, and 10,000 Jewish immigrants landed in Galveston, TX. Two organizations helped this happen - the Jewish Territorial Organization and the Jewish Immigration Information Board.

The page about New York City Ports including the predecessor to Ellis Island, Castle Gardens, is very helpful for genealogists. Researching immigrants who listed their origins in Lechowitz proved difficult. Family names are hard enough to find but so is the town as it had often been misspelled.

Many Lechowichers who came through NY City ports settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This page documents the history of those settlements from the 1880s to the 1920s. The many benevolent emigrant associations that our relatives belonged to in New York and also around the world are written about on this page. They may have been buried in their specific cemetery plots.

In these pages you will find fascinating insights, images and information. For researchers, immigration information is the first thing most people look for when searching for our ancestors from Lyakhovichi, Baronavich, Minsk, Belarus.