It is never easy to read stories about the Shoah. Many of our ancestors - 5000 altogether, perished during this time and these stories are especially difficult.

You will read the history of the Nazis in Lyakhovichi starting in 1941; the search for the Katz children and about how the orphanages were set up. But you will also learn about the survivors.

The Biographical Sketch is a beautiful story about Rabbi Yehiel Michael Rabinowitz. When this story was first published, his death had not yet been recorded at Yad Vashem. The sketch includes a story about this gentle Rabbi who saved a torah that was used as a covering for a wagon by holding onto the reins of the horses so the wagon could not move!

Read about the trial of a Nazi murderer of Lyakhovichi Jews - "Bloody Yosef" in 1947. He was held accountable for his murderous actions.

The five-part memoir by Avrom Lev who wrote “My Devastated Shtetl” in 1952 describes intimately, details of every street, the people who lived and participated in daily life, and the important structures that defined Lyakhovichi.

See the lovely images of the memorials erected in Lyakhovichi, New York and Sluzim to the Shoah as well as the transcript of the speech given by Moshe Iditsky.

Through these stories our ancestors will live on in our memories and we will not forget them.