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Fairly obvious abbreviations have been used:  SJ or Souv J =  Souvenir Journal, Ann = Anniversary, Yddsh or Y = Yiddish, E = English, & so on.

Inventory by Jerome Seligsohn



These papers also include papers from locality-oriented WORKMEN'S CIRCLE branches.  These are inventoried below the Landsmanshaftn.

BOX  #1

Akkerman Benev Assoc;Golden Anniv; 1935; history in Bessarabia, Israel, landsmanshaften
Amdurer BA ;Constit in Eng and Yiddish; 25th Ann 1935 Souv Journ, membership list
with date of initiation; articles in Yddsh.; Ladies Aux 1939 Souv Journ,membership list in Yddsh; Souv Jour 1962;membership list of initiat date; deceased list with date of death; articles in Yddsh.
Boston First Aust-Hung Assoc; Jan 25 25th ann;membership list
Belchatower Help Committee; 1950 Commemorative book in Yddsh
Bialystock Society,Dorchester; 1940 Banquet and Concert;some names
Bialystoker Book Committee; 1963 Sefer Bialystok, memorial, Yddsh
Bialystoker Bricklayer Progressive BA 1935 30th Anniv,Yddsh and Eng, membership list
Bialystoker Center;1934 pamphlet The Activities of the Bialystok Community in America, Y&E
Bialystoker Home for the Aged;1939 Souv Journ, name lists
Bialystoker Relief Societies Of Paterson NJ, 1935 The Bialystok Journal, 10th Ann, some names in Y and E
Bialystok Unterstitzungs Verein, Somach Noflim; 1931 45th Ann Journ;namel ists
50 YUr Ann Journ 1936 with name lists
Austro-Hungarian Zionists 1915;pamphlet in Yddsh with name lists
Bialystoker Yg Mns Benev assoc;1936 Bialystoker Stimme with name lists;
1926 20th Ann in Yddsh; 1936 Souv Journ; names
Breziner Sick and Ben Soc; 1936 40th Anniv;name lists Eng and articles Yddsh
Memorandum concerning the activities of the United Relief for Brziner in Israel and the related activities of the United Breziner Relief Committee
Chenstechover Regional Committee ; 1935 NY Yddsh pamphlet; picnic pamphlet in Yddsh from Los Angeles
United Chenstochover Relief Committee; Ladies Aux,1948-58;pamphlet and name lists in Yddsh

BOX #2

United Chotiner Bessarabia Relief Inc; 1949 Save a Life Dinner, names, articles in Yddsh
Czenstochaver YM; 1948 Souv Journ 60th Ann; name lists
Hevra Agudas Achim Anshei Drohitchyn; 1930 Souv Journ with names
Dynower Relief Committee; 1939 25th Ann with names
United Galician Jews of America; Yddsh Journ, some names
Goniondzen-Trestiner Yg Friend BA 1932-1940;Bulletin 1932;1940 Jour in Yddsh
Homler Progressive Verein; 1929 25th Ann-name lists
Ivansker Mutual BS 1957 Jubilee Bk;Toronto;, some names, Y&E
Kalbeshever Teitelbaum Verbriderungs Verein; Constitiution Yddsh with names

BOX #3

Keidaner [Lith] 30th Ann Keidener Assoc 1900-30, E/Y Membership list, family trees, 1940-41 40th Ann Booklets
Kishinev Sick and Benev Soc [Mold} Souv Jour ,1903-23,articles in yddsh, listing names of officers,deceased, arrange committee
Keltzer [Kielce] Sick Benev Soc,1952,many names in Eng and Yddsh, Yizkor List
Kozower[Ukr] Sick Benev Soc,1927, 30th Ann Sv Jrn, name list, Y/E
United Krakauer Charity & Aid Soc,1927, 1937, 30th Ann SJ,Eng, booklet devoted to nmaes of contrib & officers
Chevra Ohav Sholem Anshei Krinker, [Krynki Pol], 1946 55th Ann Sv Jrn, membership list, E/Y
Liady, membership list in constit, 1945, Yddsh Jewish Latvian Relief,undated but sugg 1946-50, sv jrn, name lists of assoc socts and of refugees in coutries, all over Europe [great hist and geneal value]
Lodzer And Ung Ver, E/Y, 1946, Sv Jrnl, some names
Lodzer YMBSoc, 1902-26, Sv Jrnl, officers, arrangement Committee, compliments of members name lists, 1927 Banquet seating lists
Lodzer JMBS,1932-37, 1932 History,name lists, Eng, 1937, 35th Ann,name lists

 BOX #4

United Lubliner Relief,1938, Y/E,Purim Ball 1938, donations list, officers
Progressive Lubliner BA, Y/E, 35th Ann Sv Jrnl, 1939, membership lists, In Memorial list in Yddsh
Nowo Radomska [Pol], Sv Jrnl 1899-1936, mostly yddsh, some name lists, scattered names, greetings names,officers
Maramaros Szighet [Rom] Relief soc, 10th Ann, 1945 names as purchasers of boxes
Progressive Brethren of Nieshvies,[Nesvizh Bel], membership lists, mostly yddsh
Fellows of Odessa,1959,15th Ann Sv Jrnl, RUSSIAN and Eng, index of contributor
Ovstrovstzer Independent Mut Benev Soc, 30th Ann , 1954 Toronto, mostly yddsh, names of officers, boxed greetings names in yddsh
Ovstrovtzer Relief Comm 1945, NY, all in yddsh
First Ottynian[Otynya Ukr] YMBA Const 1936, name list
Ind Shochrei Tov Anshei Pinsk, 1928, Sv Jrnl,25th Ann
Yddsh, officers and some names in Y/E, name lists in yddsh
Social Club of Pinsker Fur Workers,1938, membership list
Pliskover[Ukr] Free Loan assoc, PittsburghPa, 1908-38 Jubilee Bk, history with short bios, membership list, Y/E

BOX  #5

The Voice of Rakover Ladies Club in Yddsh-name lists-1939
RLC fifth Ann-1937, y/e, name lists in yddsh
United Romanian Jews of America-SJ-“5th Yr of Isr Indep”-y/e, history, names in greetgs
Russian Polish Sick Benev Soc- Jub Bk-Montreal-y/e-some name lists
RPSBA SJ Test Dinner-1930-55   y/e  some names
RPSBA  SJ 50th Ann 1957- English- membership list
Ruzhiner Progressive Farein 22nd Ann Banquet Detroit name lists tel nos & addresses
RPF                                               23   “      “     “       “     “
RPF                                                24      “       “       “                 “         “        “
Rzeszower YMBSoc- SJ- Gold Jub 1951, name lists in Eng
United Rzeszower Relief Center- “The America”  list of survivors over the world 1947
Rzeszower Bulletin   list of names from the Soviet Union
Samuel Tichner Society  1926  SJ   names and magnificent advertisements
YM Assoc Shendeshover and Ladies Circle  SJ  1941   some names
Shater Progr Ben Assoc  1909-34- names in adv
Sierpcer-Chevra- 1872-1915   constit in yddsh

BOX #6

Progressive Slutzker ymba SJ 1904-24  25th ann some names  y/e
United Brothers of Smela [ukr smiller], nmes in advertising, 1957 50th ann SJ
Smiller Beneficial Assoc, 55th ann SJ, Phila, 1947  e/y, name list
Smorgon {bel] United Smorgoner relief 1937, name list in yddsh, all in yddsh
American Sokolover Indep Verein, “40 yrs Sokolover in Chicago” 1941, 30th jubilee
   black book as SJ, e/y, history, name lists in yddsh and names in advertising
First Tarnower YMBS   SJ   1908-34   names in adv
Turover Residences and other landmarks of interest in Detroit- 1916-35, street maps
United Vilner Relief Comm  1937 SJ and 1939 SJ  Ann Ball with names
Velizer Prog BA 1920 & 1929 & 1934 SJ Ann Ball 20 with name lists, others with names [Russia]
Vilner Relief Society, 1918, Constit in yddsh

BOX #7

Assoc Warschauer Soc for the Aged, 1925, SJ y/e, names-compliments of, lots of names but no formal name lists
Wishkower Benev Soc 1936- hist bk in yddsh
Wolozyn Chevra Ciz Chorim ? Anshei Wolozyn, 1899 Constit
YMBA    young mens benev assoc    Y/E  Yiddish /Eng     Ann anniversary   SJ  souvenir journal
Zashkover Aid Soc-Boston- some names, 1955 SJ Banquet



WC Br 39  Orsher Shlover 1922  Yddsh  name lists in Yddsh  Belarus
WC Br 43   Vilner  1927  Yddsh   list of dead members in Yddsh
WC Box 51  Kobriner 1925  SJ Ball  Some names  Belarus
WC Box 52 Zhitomirer  Yddsh  SJ   name lists in Yddsh
WC Box 64  Mozirer 1927   Yddsh   Revolutionary Begun death lists in Yddsh, name  lists in English   Belarus
WC Box 66  Romania  1924   Yddsh   membership lists in Eng
WC Box 75  Dvinsker Bundistisher  1929  1934  1939  all name lists in English
WC Box 88  Bialystoker Rayoner  Yddsh   1919 Banquet names in Yddsh  1935 AnnJn   name lists in Eng done as compliments of,  death list in Yddsh    1940 SJ death lists    in Yddsh    Complements of list in Eng
WC Box Minsker Progressive [same names and addresses on Belarus site] 1931  Yddsh
WC Box 194  Lider, Ivier, un Bobrinitzer


WCBr 206  Bobroisker Reuben Brusker Br 50 yrs  1958  e/y  names in officers list, greetings from, compliments of  Yddsh theater Alliance names,    Hebrew Actors Club names, In memoriam names 1924 SJ   pictures with names   death list in yddsh
WCBr 210 Pinsker    yddsh 
1923 SJ  9 pages of pictures with names    name  list and   death list in yddsh  complete name and address list in Eng  
1933 SJ  Yzkr list in yddsh    pictures of women with names in yddsh   “compliments of” in Eng    1928 SJ  yddsh  membership list in yddsh     “compliments of”in eng , great advrtsmnts   
1958 SJ  membership and death lists in eng    all else in yddsh
WCBr 224  Witebsker  SJ   mmbrshp list in Eng all else inyddsh
WCBr 226 Bialer Meziretcher  [pol ukr]  SJ compliments of and arrangers list in yddsh
WCBr 247 Gregori Gershuni  1930 Yddsh
WCBr 256  Bialystoker Newark SJ 1939  gp photos names in yddsh  ladies aux names in    eng
WCBr 362  Vilner  1929 ladies club pictures name in eng     name list in eng 1939 mmbrshp list in Eng


WCBr 386  Prager Warshaver   1930 SJ Yddsh  name list in yddsh
    1935 SJ  yddsh   name list in yddsh
WCBr 389   Krinker [ukr]   SJ 1930   mmbrshp list in yddsh

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