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The front plate of the Lask Yizkor Book, published in memory of the Lask Jewish community in 1968
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This site is dedicated to the memory of the lost Jewish community of Lask. It is a glimpse at what was a vibrant   shtetl, with an ancient and important Jewish history, in an area of central Poland. During its heyday, the town was a  centre of Jewish administration for the whole region and throughout its history it had all of the elements of a fully  functioning and caring Kehilla within a medium sized rural Polish county town..   If you do have more information about either the former Jewish community of Lask or the surrounding villages and  hamlets, listed below, please send them to martindavis@hotmail.com.  Villages  Aleksandrówek • Anielin • Bałucz • Borszewice • Budy Stryjewskie • Gorczyn • Grabina • Karszew • Krzucz • Łopatki • Mauryca • Nowe Wrzeszczewice • Okup Mały • Okup Wielki • Orchów • Ostrów • Rembów • Remiszew • Rokitnica • Sięganów • Stryje Księże • Stryje Paskowe • Teodory • Wiewiórczyn • Wola Bałucka • Wola Łaska • Wola Stryjewska • Wronowice • Wrzeszczewice • Wydrzyn • Zielęcice
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The Lask Jewish Cemetery 2012  - photos courtesy of Miltiades  Varvounis