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Kupiskis Marketplace, 1912

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Family Stories

In Memoriam of important Kupishokers

Kupiskis Prayer Book  found in Mayor's house  

Kupishok Memories by Israel Trapido

Kupishok: The Memory Stronger, by Stanley Mayersohn (includes maps)

Kupiskio Zydu Liaudies Bankas / Kupischker Judische Volks-Bank

Landsmanshaftn in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Israel, and New York

My Father's House, by Shlomo Kodesh, 1995 

Ode to Kupishok by Rabbi Michael Mayersohn 

Performing Artists - Kupishokers in the Cultural, Entertainment, and Performing Arts    


Kupiskis Descendants   

Kupiskis Families

School and Youth Group Photos    

Kupiskis in Photos today 

This is Rabbi Eliyahu-Meir ben Boruch Faivelson, who served as Kupiskis' chief  rabbi from 1907-1928.  He was a brilliant and talented religious leader who wrote "Pikuach Nefesh" and "Netzach Yisroel" and was a founder of Agudas Yisroel.  His daughter Chaya-Leah married Rabbi Zalman Pertzovsky, who was the last rabbi of Kupiskis.

(Photo was contributed by Esther Rieback Hadassin in memory of her mother Leah-Dina Alitsky Rieback, wife of Ben-Zion Rieback.)

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