Trapido Family

The Trapidos were a large family who settled, as far as we know, in Kupiskis sometime in the 18th century, probably coming from Spain and Portugal via Holland.  

This was the home of Nachman and Ida (nee Trapido) Dorfan.. It is at the corner of Vilniaus and Pasvalio streets in Vaskai and belonged to Nachman's father, Itzek.. It is quite a large property with several other buildings besides this main house.  Ida was the daughter of Naoch Trapido and Bluma Tauzite and was born in Pasvalys in 1903, according to the Kupiskis Birth Records.  We believe that Naoch was born in Kupiskis and certainly most of his siblings and their families remained there.  Naoch, Ida and her husband Nachman Dorfan, along with their children Chone and Sarah, were killed in Vaskai in 1941.

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Dorfan)

We can start the Trapido Family history at the beginning of the 19th century with Zavel Trapido.  Although we know nothing about where or when he was born or died, we do know that he had two sons, Naoch (1808 - c. 1870) and Pinkhas Noach (b 1809).  Naoch had seven children whose families we can trace, most till today.  They were Basha (b. 1830), Yudel Leibe (1834-1910), Moishe Kasriel (1837-1906), Evel (1840-1884), Leah (1840-1930), Shlomo (1842-c.1900), and Yoel (1845-1894).

We have photos of five of these Trapido Family branches:

Yudel Leibe Trapido Family

Trapido/Jachilevich Family

Susman Trapido Family  

Moishe Kasriel Trapido Family

Trapido/Cantor Family   

Leah Trapido Family

Trapido/Ginsburg Family

Shlomo Trapido Family

Trapido/Sachs Family   

Yoel Trapido Family

Samuel Trapido Family   

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