Passengers from Kobylnik

(many alternate spellings)
Vilna Gubernia Russia 1899-1914 to Ellis Island NY


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E.D.Note: In viewing the records, it is clear that the entries have been mis-read. However, no attempt has been made to correct or change the Ellis Island database' original transliterated spellings. With these spellings it is possible to re-enter the data base, make a search, and see the actual record. To check on individual entries go to and if the message is "no image" try the following few pages.


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Lewien, Isa Frome Kobelink, Russia March 8 1911 17y SS President Grant Hamburg Germany

To: uncle Simon Lewin 214 Colt St. Norfolk VA


Lewin, Chane Habolnik, Russia December 13 1910 20y SS Noordam Rotterdam Netherlands

To: brother M. Lewin 534 W. ? St. Plainfield NJ

Lewin, Hirsch Hapolenic, Russia December 4 1913 21y SS New York Southhapton England

To: brother-in-law Shlaime Lewin

Mendelson, Esse Kobylnik, Russia June 19 1912 24y SS Kroonland Antwerp Belgium
Mendelson, Leib Kobylnik, Russia June 19 1912 25y SS Kroonland Antwerp Belgium
To: father A. Mendelsohn 200 121st St. NYC NY

Nokunas, Jacob Gabilnik June 2 1903 30y SS Noordam Rotterdam Netherlands
To: brother Pittsburg PA

Oframianitz, Henna Kabilink, Russia August 11 1914 26y SS Kroonland Antwerp Belgium
(no image)

Parotzki, Aharin Kabelnik, Russia August 6 1910 20y SS Amerika Hamburg Germany

To: brother-in-law Chane Horwitz 311 E. 91st St. NYC NY

Pejkel, Sima Kobilnik, Poland July 1 1921 23y SS Berengaria Southhampton England

To: brother Sam Beiker 126 West St. Elmira OH

Perewosnik, Zippe Kabilnik, Wilna August 23 1907 30y SS Smolensk Libau Prussa
Perewosnik, Basse Kabilnik, Wilna 1907 3y
Perewosnik, Kalman Kabilnik, Wilna 1907 5y
Perewosnik, Lieberman Kabilnik, Wilna 1907 8y

Perewosnik, Leybe Kabilnik, Wilna 1907 10y
To: 728 8th St. Birmingham AL traveling with a cousin

Ratzaisky, Riwe Kobilink May 16 1906 17y SS Noordam Rotterdam Netherlands

To uncle H. Rodberg 144 Varick St Brooklyn NY

Rodberg, Mine Kobilink, Russia September 5 1911 18y SS Rotterdam Roterdam Netherlands
(no image)


Rucaisky, Rasche Kobilnik, Russia September 9 1912 52y SS Kronprinzessin Cecile Hamburg Germany

Rucaisky, Leie Kobilnik, Russia 1912 9y
Rucaisky, Loisa Kobilnik, Russia 1912 11y

To: uncle Leizer Kochen  Brooklyn NY

Rucajske, Nechame Kabilnik, Russia November 17 1913 30y SS Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands
Rucajske, Israel Kabilnik, Russia 1913 6y
Rucajske, Simen Kabilnik, Russia 1913 8y
Rucajske, Schmuel Kabilnik, Russia 1913 12 y
To:Avram Rucajske 69 Smith St. Perth Amboy NJ

Rudinzki, Jure Kabelnik June 29 1903 56y SS Kroonland Antwerp Belgium

To: son Isaak Rudnitzki 417 Elm St. Syracuse NY

Rugarsky, Roshe Kabilnik, Russia  May 13 1907 28y SS Oceanic Liverpool England

Rugarsky, Israel Kabilnik, Russia 1907 4y

Rugarsky, Tinchus Kabilnik, Russia 1907 74y (name on manifest is Pinchas age is 7)
To: husband Sam Danishevsky 24/6 111st SSt. NYC NY

Ruzaiskaja, Blume Kobelnik, Russia August 4 1910 19y SS President Lincoln Hamburg Germany

To: brother Abram Rutberg 180 Madison Ave NYC NY 3 traveling together)

Schapiro, Jatig Kobilnik June 21 1899 19y (name on manifest is Itsek) SS Albano Hamburg Germany
To: cousin Samuel unreadable last name

Schenik, Elis Kubelnik, Russia March 25 1909 18y SS Gothland Antwerp Belgium

To: brother Yal Schanik 111 Johanson St. Brooklyn NY

Schneiderowitz, Mendel Kabilnik, Russia June 28 1907 16y SS Samland Antwerp Belgium

To: brother Elie Mendelson 1582 Madison Ave NYC NY

Schneiderowiz, Nissel Kobilink Russia September 5 1909 50y SS Samland Antwerp Belgium
Schneiderowiz, Ite Kobilink Russia 1909 22y SS Samland Antwerp Belgium

To: son and brother Mendelsohn 1516 Madison Ave. NYC NY
(E.D.note: this family seems to have changed the name to Mendelson)

Sejunek, Aron Kobilink 1904 25y

Silberbey, Moses Kobylnake 1906 50y SS Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands
Silberbery, Alte Kobylnake 1906 48y
Silberbery, Lube Kobylnake 1906 19y
To: A. Silverberg Elk Point SD

Silverberg, Ellie February 27 1906 23y SS Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands

To: uncle J. Kramer NYC NY

(all traveling together)


Silberman, Burucz Gebilnik, Russia July 31 1912 17y SS Vaderland Antwerp Belgium
To: brother David Silberstein Brooklyn NY

Silwer, Sore L. Kabelnik, Russia June 10 1908 60y SS Vaderland Antwerp Belgium
To; 114 Varick St. Brooklyn NY

Simon, Chaje Kabilnik, Russia December 6 1912 15y SS Cedric Liverpool England
Simon, waigre Kabilnik, Russia 1912 11y
Simon, Sarah Kabilnik, Russia 1912 55y
To: son and brother David Simon 536 Tracy Kansas City MO

Smit, Kiwe Hobolnik July 31 1906 19y SS Noordam Rotterdam Netherlands
(no image)

Spreinegan, Stisiek Kobilnik, Russia August 17 1907 59y SS Celtic Liverpool England
To: son-in-law J. Klatsky Lake Av S Duluth MN

Steingrob, Abram Kabilnik, Russia August 11 1914 19y SS Kroonland Antwerp Belgium
To: no image

Stoljar, Leika Kobelnik, Wilna July 28 1908 22y SS Russia Libau Prussia

To: uncle Knodsen % L. Gordon 63 harvard St. Lowell MA
Stoljar, Roche Kabelnik, Vilna July 28 1908 17y SS Russia Libau Prussia

To: brother Jos Cramer 5 Broadway St. Utica NY

Stoller, Nachame Kabilnek, Russia January 18 1911 18y SS President Grant
father Moische Stoller 40 Canal St. NYC NY

Temkin, Rioke Kobylinki, Russia April 19 1910 20y SS Kronprinzessin Cecile Hamburg Germany
Temkin, Gittel Kobylinki, Russia 1910 2y

(no image)


Timanoff, Rochel Kobilnik, Russia September 18 1911 22y SS Finland Antwerp Belgium
Timanoff, Ester Kobilnik, Russia 1911 3y 6m
Timanoff, Itzchok Kobilnik, Russia 1911 1y 6m
To: no image

Vogel, Cipel Gobilink, Russia May 17 1909 36y SS Lapland Antwerp Belgium
Vogel, Efram Gobilink, Russia 1909 7y
Vogel, Gute Gobilink, Russia 1909 9y
To: Jankel Vogel 1655 Prospect Brooklyn NY

Wolatzhy, Owsei Gabilnic December 1 1903 55y SS Noordam Rotterdam Netherlands
Wolatzhy, Mrs. Owsei Gabilnic 1903 54y

To: no image

Zadwin, Chaie Kopilnik, Russia December 15, 1911 35y SS Lusitania Liverpool England
To: husband S.Zadwin %Monshret 64 Jelgov St Boston MA
Zadwin, Leib Kopilnik, Russia 1911 4y
Zadwin, Scheine Kopilnik, Russia 1911 7y
Zadwin, Hirsch Kopilnik, Russia 1911 8Y
Zadwin, Itke Kopilnik, Russia 1911 8Y
Zadwin, Liebe Lea Kopilnik, Russia 1911 9y
Zadwin, Feige Kopilnik, Russia 1911 10y
Zadwin, Sore Kopilnik, Russia 1911 11y

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