This photograph of the Kletsk Memorial in Holon Cemetery, near Tel Aviv, was taken in 2005 and contributed by M.H.






The Kalte Shul --The Cold Synagogue.



In Memory Of The Holy Congregation Of Kletsk and the Surroundings That Was Annihilated In The Holocaust by The Nazis And Their Helpers, YM"S


The Extermination Dates

9th of Markheshvan 5702

8th of Menakhem-Av 5702

Nisht Vergessen

YM"S = Yimakh Shmam -- "May Their Names Be Wiped Out".

HY"D = Hashem Yikom Damam -- literally, God will Avenge Their Blood; meaning "God will avenge their murdered souls".

Nisht Vergessen = "Don't Forget"



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