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Photos and Text contributed by Benzie Pikoos.

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Here are some old photos and a translation of the message on the back of one of them.

This was done for me a few years ago.

This was a letter from My Father's youngest brother to my father. Unfortunately I have no dates.

My Dear Brother:

Here I am sending you a card while we are sitting together with our famous General Secretary from Vilna.

The group calls themselves The Young Pioneers. Mr Bernstein, a very important person, organised our group on a strong position. With us, now is everything OK. We learn Hebrew. Many of our group remain with us, thanks to him. We brought him specially for speeches. He spoke to us in general and made a very big impression in Kletsk. Separately he erected a group with a leader.

Actually you will ask what is a leader. I will explain. The leadership has to deliver and be responsible for all we need. There are eleven people, separated into two groups. One group is the Oppression commission which is of Newspapers, journals etc. The other group collects money with an accountant. A third group looks after the accounts and keeps order and checks on the creditors. Mr Finstein (Ezra) has the duty of increasing our membership of young people. We will have a special group created for our future.

I am standing here because none of us came out so well. Zab Kurnas made a photo at Ben Numains's Happsburgh room. The rest of the group, you will recognize Channukah time. We will photograph ourselves again especially the leadership also with the Rabbis on top.

[Could this be a photo of Kletsk Amateur Theater group? Compare.]

I have placed a ring around my late uncle Rabbi Avraham Pikus who emigrated to New York.

He died in New York in the late 1950's, and my Grand father Yechezkiel Pikus who was a scribe in Kletsk - he died before 1928, the year my Dad emigrated to South Africa.


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