List of the Martyrs of the Holocaust in Kisvarda, Hungary

These are pages reproduced from the yizkor book Kisvarda es Kornyeke Zsidosaga, by Jolesz Karoly et al, Tel Aviv, 1980.
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The first page includes a dedication, which I translate as:

Our dear brethren who gave their lives in sanctification of the Divine Name.
Shed a tear, say a prayer for the dear mothers and fathers, for their innocent children, for the families extinguished.
Only you, who have survived the great destruction, can say kaddish for them.
May their dear souls be blessed.

In the lobby of the former synagogue in Kisvarda, which is now a museum, there is a set of plaques bearing the names of the martyrs. To see a photograph, click here.

Included among the martyrs of Kisvarda are my mother's mother Gizella Fischer (Fischer Ervinne), 1891-1944; and her brother Endre, 1920-1943. My father's family, in Gemzse: his mother, Pesel Spiro (1881-1944), and his sisters Hermin, 1910-1944; Margit, 1915-1944; Regina, 1920-1944 and brothers Dezso, 1916-1943; and Bela, 1912-1945. The women were taken to Auschwitz and murdered or worked to death. The young men were drafted into the "forced labour battalions" (munkaszolgalat in Hungarian) serving the Hungarian and German armies, and subjected to inhuman conditions without the food or clothing needed to sustain life.

Adler to Berkovits
Berkovits to Frankfurt
Frankfurt to Friedman
Friss to Grunwald
Grunwald to Herman
Hoch to Kestenbaum
Krausz to Leicht
Leicht to Pallai
Pallai to Roth
Roth to Schwartz
Schwartz to Weisz
Weisz to Wilber and villages of Pusztadobos and Mandok


Anarcs, Ramocsahaza, Gyulahaza and Dombrad
Nyirbakta, Gemzse, Nyirkarasz
Kekcse, Nyirmada, Szabolcsbaka, Zsurk

Key to Hungarian words

es gyermekuk = and their children
es csaladja = and his family
csaladok = families
ozv = widow
ne at the end of a name signifies "Mrs."


The list of martyrs in the Yizkor book is necessarily incomplete, since it only has the names of people who were known to the survivors who compiled the book.

Stefano Groszy of Italy has sent me two names from Mandok: His grandmother Fanny Klein and his aunt Rozsa Grosz, killed in 1944 at Auschwitz.

Norine Weiss of Toronto sent me the names of her relatives from Mandok, killed at Auschwitz: Sarah Lipkovits (born 1887), Elimelech Lipkovits (born 1885), and Katalin Lipkovits (born 1926).

Daniel B. Schwartz of the US has sent the names of his paternal Grandfather, Schwartz Beno, his wife Hannah and their son, Meir.

Alisa Field of the US submitted the names of her grandmother Rose Felberbaum and uncle Erno Felberbaum, of Nyirmada.

Caren Lubofsky of Melbourne, Australia has submitted the names of Ivan Roth and Samuel Burger and his wife (nee Roth?). I should have noticed myself that Samuel Burger's (Burger Samu) name was missing. He was my maternal grandfather's first cousin, and the town veterinarian. He married in middle age shortly before the war, and had no children.

 Compiled by Peter Spiro

If you have additional information or old photographs to contribute, please send them to me at the address below.

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