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Polish Market (Central Square)

"In the past here on the central square were shops and stalls from which were sold dry goods, groceries and other goods. In booths and in the open air were various craftsmen: tailors sewing the new and repairing the old; tinsmiths making mugs, watering cans, boxes and selling samovars; tinkers repairing pots and pans; cobblers mending old boots whilst their owners waited; piles of old clothes and linen sold by the Jewish "old-clothesman ", offering their wares to every passerby. Here were whole warehouses of different things. Food and drink were sold, jugs of wine and beer and hot meals were readily consumed by the visitors to the market. In the autumn, lying on the ground, were mountains of watermelons, apples, plums and a variety of other fruits. In amongst it all were services and people for hire; parked heavy two-horse carriages and their drivers, markets porters and all sorts of people looking for a job. And all this hustle and bustle in a very small space." Yefim Sichinsky (author)
[1] Kamenets Old Town by Anna Kavilsha. Published 2002

The Market Square and

Polish Town Hall

A French Map of 1691

The Old Town