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Residents of the Karvansary (Karvasar) District

The Kishlansky family was headed by Abraham Kishlansky, son of Meyer- Srul Shlemovich Kislianski and Mariam Avrumnova Wasserman.  Abraham Kishlansky was married to Rukhel Benuminovna and had four children, Itzek (1881-1957), Rezia (b. 1884), Sima (1891-1964) and Benjamin (1888-1966).  When Rukhel died, Abraham remarried to Khava Moishneva Keninzon in 1895 and together they had four children; Frank (1894-1948), Elia (1897-1933), Meyer-Srul (1899) and Mintsia (1908).  Of those children, Itzek (Isadore), Benjamin, Frank, Elia (Alex) and Sima (Sadie),my grandmother, immigrated to New York.   In the 1930s Isadore, Benjamin and Frank moved to California.


The family of Kislianski (variants - Kishelianski, Kishlianski) originated from the borough of Khotin and resided in the borough of Karvansary (Karvansary) of the Kamenets district, now a suburb of Kamenets.  Entries of  births and marriages of members of this family are registered in the borough of Karvansary and the city of Kamenets. Both Abram and his father Meyer Srul were listed as petit- townsmen (meshchanin), one of the social classes of Russia.  Abraham (my great-grandfather) had five siblings, Morris (1868-1924), Sarah (1873-1943), Belia (b. 1877), Mikhel (1880-1889) and Jankel (b. 1883). Morris and Sarah immigrated to New York where they raised their families.  They became the welcoming relatives for their nephews and niece who gradually followed.  Morris married Anna and they had six children.  The family lived in London for several years where their first two children were born and then and immigrated to the US in 1898/1899.  Sarah married Israel Baron and they immigrated to NY in 1902 and 1904 where they raised their six children. In 1910 my grandmother Sima Kishlansky (1891-1964) married Ben-Zion Schiecher  (1888- 1974), son of Shlema Mordkovich (b. 1848) and Sura Nusenova (b. 1856).  Shlema Mordkovich was also listed as a petit-townsman in the 1st All Russian Census. The family of Shiecher (Russian spelling Shikher, also  Shizar) originated from the borough of Zhvanets (Kamenets district).  His family resided in the city of Kamenets- Podolski in the house of Pesia Rabinovich in Krestovaia street.  The head of the family was a tailor.    My grandfather Ben-Zion Schiecher (later Benjamin Jaffe) has three siblings, Leia (b. 1893), Gersh (b. 1893) and Feiga (1884).  Only Ben-Zion emigrated to the US.  He departed in 1911 after he and my grandmother had a child. His departure was driven by the fact that he was about to be drafted into the Russian army. While in Kamenets he was a tailor at a boy's institution in the city and continued that profession in New York.  Sima Kishlansky didn't come to the United States until 1921. She was shot at when crossing the border and ended up in a hospital in France before she was able to find her way to Rotterdam to immigrate.  Her younger brother Elia and his wife Golda followed a week later.  Family folklore is that they immigrated together, but it appears that they failed to connect in Rotterdam.  Elia and Golda's granddaughter later told me that they had to swim a river to get out of the country. Together Sima (Sadie) Kishlansky and Ben-Zion Schiecher (Benjamin Jaffe) had five children in the US. Susan Weinberg - USA  
Kishlansky Family 1897
Kishlansky sisters 1924
Alex Kishlansky in uniform (circa 1917)
Frank Kishlansky and friends (circa 1924)
Kishlansky aunt (circa 1910)
Benjamin and Jean Kishlansky/Jaffe (circa 1924)

Felman and Miler Family

In November 1903, my grandparents, Rachmiel Felman and Hinde Miler, were married in Kamenets-Podolsk.  Shortly afterwards, Rachmiel left for Glasgow, Scotland, where he became Robert Felman, cabinet-maker and shop-fitter.  In 1906, he was joined by his wife (who became Annie), their son Abe and his sister Goldie. Goldie’s birth certificate (1886) states she was the daughter of Heinech, son of Mendel Felman and Sora Gittel, daughter of Yoina Rosenbloom. I have copies of records from Kamenets-Podolsk which tell me that my grandfather’s grandfather, Mendel Felman, died of ‘exhaustion’ in the town in 1883, aged 80.  His father was also called Heinech and he was from nearby Shatava. Heinech from Shatava  must have been born about 1780 (or earlier). My great grandmother, Soro Gitel Rosenbloom's death certificate shows she died in the Jewish Hospital, Kamenets-Podolsk, in November 1895, of cancer. She was aged 44, and presumably born about 1851. My grandmother was born Hinde Miler.  Her parents were Heinech  and Chaya Meisha (Chaike) Miler. The records (row 84) show that Heinech Miler, son of Avroom Aba, died in Kamenets- Podolsk of “inner disease”, aged 42, on 17 May 1883 (so was born c1841).  He died in ‘the Polish suburb’.  The birth record of one of Heinech’s sons states that Heinech was a citizen of Balin (another nearby town). Harvey Kaplan - Scotland  
Goldie’s Birth Certificate
Heinech Felman 1904
Death Registration of Heinech Miler 1883
Rachmiel and Hinde (nee Miler) Felman
Kishlansky, Felman & Weinbaum Families

Weinbaum Family

Isaac WEINBAUM was born January 1842 in or near Kamenets-Podolskiy, and died May 19, 1907 in Brooklyn NY. He was a tobacco merchant who travelled widely throughout Russia, and ran a wholesale tobacco factory. According to his daughter, Jews were not supposed to deal in tobacco, liquor or wheat, so the czar "ruined" him.  About 1861, he married Vivian WEISSMAN, daughter of Morris WEISSMAN and Sarah GOLDMAN.  He brought his wife and children to NYC around 1891.  This information and the photographs were contributed by Isaac's great-grandson's wife, Laura Katz.
Isaac WEINBAUM, 1842-1907
Sarah WEINBAUM - 1877-1947
Dr. Abraham Wolff GREENBERG 1870-1935