In the year 1934 Lilian Frank, whose ancestors are of the Resnik family from Kamionka, Poland, arrived at the Shtetl Kamionka for a visit of her family.

Lilian traveled to "The Old Country" with her husband Gerold Frank, a Journalist. They both came to visit their family towns and their families in Kamionka (a village from which Lilian's mother came), in Skidel (a small town from which Lilian's father came), in Skernowiz (a town some 30 miles from Warsaw where both Gerold's parents were born) and finally a visit to Warsaw.

On their last evening in Kamionka a small delegation of elder Jewish people asked for permission to see Gerold.
Four years later, following the request of The Elders of Kamionka at that meeting, Gerold Frank published an article in The Nation Magazine. The article, an amazing and emotional piece of close evidence from Kamionka, was given to me by Gerold's and Lilian's son John Frank.

Elders of Komionka by Gerold Frank

During their visit Lilian took moving pictures of which I have printed a choice of still pictures.

Pictures from Kamionka in 1934

All rights of the article and pictures reserved to John Frank and Ze'ev Sharon

Ze'ev Sharon
Kiriat-Ata, Israel




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