Pictures from Kamionka


Eliezer and Ania, 1946
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The following pictures were copied from movie camera film.
Filmed by Lilian Frank during her 1934 visit to Kamionka.
Captions by Ze'ev Sharon, based on Gerold Frank's narration.
Copyright©2009  Ze'ev Sharon and John Frank



lilian and zelda in garden
Lilian Frank and Zelda Resnik
lilian in zlda's garden
zelda in garden

Lilian and Zelda in Zelda's vegetable garden

gerold on ladder
Gerold Frank on a ladder attached to
the barn of the house
where they stayed
zelda in kamionka cemetery
Zelda visits a grave
in the Jewish Cemetery
in Kamionka
A headstone (matzeva)
(most likely one of Resnik family)
Kamionka Jewish Cemetery


Faces of Kamionka Jews
Many are Resnik Family
Most Perished in the
Holocaust in 1942
faces in kamionka 1
faces in kamionka 11
Center: Zelda
faces in kamionka 2
faces in kamionka 3
faces in kamionka 4
faces in kamionka 6
faces in kamionka 7
faces in kamionka 9
faces in kamionka 10
Left: Gerold Frank
faces in kamionka 12
faces in kamonka 8
faces in kamonka


Scenes of Kamionka Street Life
street in kamionka
street in kamionka 2
street in kamionka 3
houses in kamionka 1
houses in kamionka 2
houses in kamionka 3
houses in kamionka 4
houses in kamionka 5

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