Lou Shamberg's Letter to Abraham Ain

Abraham Ain was the Secretary of the Friends of Swisłocz, 1659 Washington Avenue, Bronx, NY.

Chicago, Illinois
April 12, 1950

Worthy friend:

I received your name from my good friend Mrs. Saroka, who visited you not too long ago. My request to you is - perhaps you will be able to help me find out if someone has survived from my deceased brother's family in Swisłock?

His name as Abraham (Zvi) Hershel Tzemnik (fron Jałowka). His wife's name was Chava (Kaplan), the daughter of David the innkeeper/tavernkeeper of Swisłocz.

My brother died in about 1934, leaving his wife, two daughters, and one son. Both daughters were married, the son was not. The oldest daughter vas living in Michalaveh-Nizbadkeh [phonetic], her husband had died. Their family nane was Berman. The second daughter, also married, was living in Swisłocz. The son and my sister-in-law were also in Swisłocz. The son's name is David. They used to write to me until around 1938. After that I did not hear from them.

I thank you in advance.

L. B. Shamberg
919 Margate Terrace
Chicago 40, Illinois