1945 Jalowka murder of Jews by Nazis
by Waclaw Hajduczenia

Translation by: Tomek Wisniewski

Murder of Jews on 1 or 2 November 1945. The Gestapo arrived in Jalówka. They found a few men - our Catholics and said to take shovels and go with them to the Jewish cemetery and there they showed a place to dig a big hole. When they dug it up, a few old Jews were chased there, the Jews were leading the children by the hands.

A German walked with them, weapons ready to fire. A German was there with them and when they dug the hole he ordered those who were digging to move away from this place. And then they shot these Jews and children. The German, who had brought these Jews, went to the Poles and ordered them to fill the pit. When they filled this pit, the earth moved.

My father told me this because he was digging it and he filled the hole with a few men. He got so concerned about it that he couldn't eat for several days. Saved 57 years later, in 2010.