The Cemnic / Chemnic Family

Mokotoff / Chemnic

Gary Mokotoff

Gary Mokotoff is descended from Abraham Yudelovich Chemnic. a weaver from Jalowka, Poland. He was also a money lender. He was married twice, divorcing his first wife because she was barren. He then married Sarah Malka Voronovsky, reputed to be only 13 years old at the time of her marriage. They had three children, Frusha (Rose), the grandmother of Gary; Sima (Sadie) and Meir. Both Frusha and Sima came to the United States. Meir remained in Europe and died in the Holocaust.

Shamberg & Kaplan / Cemnic

Brock Shamberg is descended from OSHER BERYL CEMNIK, who had married twice. His first wife is believed to be SARAH COHEN and at least two sons were born, one took the name of Shamberg (his wife's family name) and one took Kaplan. His second wife was ROSE or RAIZEL who emigrated to America and died in Chicago on February 6, 1922. There were three children; 2 sons Monas "Morris" Cemnic Shamberg and Emil Cemnic Shamberg, and a daughter Frumie "Fannie" Cemnik that also took the name Shamberg here in America prior to here marriage to Max Serlin. She was born in 1838 and is buried at the Jewish Waldheim cemetery in Chicago. Raizel was divorced prior to her marriage to Osher Beryl and is thought to have had one son by that marriage. It is believed that she was married a total of three times.

Levine / Cemnic

Work of Karl and Beverly Solomon in September 1991, with the assistance of David Levine and Alan Cohen.

Lazovick / Cemnic