Ilintsy, Ukraine


Other names: Il'intsy [Rus], Linitz [Yid], Ilince [Pol], Illintsi [Ukr], Illinci, Lince, Lintz, Iljincy

Location: Coordinates: 49°07' N, 29°12' E
10 miles SW of Lipovets
33 miles ESE of Vinnytsya (Vinnitsa)
108.2 miles SSW of Kyiv
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Cousins Rick Kolinsky of Portland, Oregon and Rick Kollins of Toronto, Canada, and Geneva, New York visited Ilintsy in July 2007 and discovered a branch of their family previously unknown to them. They have created this web site to share their experience and invite other Genners with roots in Ilintsy to contribute their family information and photos by contacting Richard Kollins.