The people shown in these pictures survived the Holocaust in Gorodenka.

(l-r) Mrs. Cooperschmid and daughter Golda; Taunsha Schuchner; Barbara Marguiles Bobrow. Mrs. Cooperschmid has since died. Daughter Golda lives in Brooklyn, New York. Taunsha now resides in Israel, and Barbara is in New Jersey.

Survivors: Coopeschmid, Schuchner, Bobrow

Seated in front, Moshe Laster; behind, (l-r) Srul Laster, Barbara Marguiles Bobrow; David Hus. Moshe and Srul were brothers. After the War, Moshe moved to Israel; he has since died. Srul was last known to be living in Poland. Barbara and David both settled in the United States.

Survivors: Coopeschmid, Schuchner, Bobrow

Gorodenka friends gather in Florida, U.S.A. 1997 (l-r) Ben (Buzio) Rum, David Hus, Saul Spierer (seated), Rosalie Spierer, Martha Aultnoy, Brucha Feitner Hus and Barbara Marguiles Bobrow. (Rosalie and Martha are not from Gorodenka.)


Photos courtesy of Barbara Bobrow. Captions by Barbara Bobrow and Deborah Dworski.

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