Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Identification of Streets in Phone Book

Karte des Deutschen Reiches, 1921
Added Color Showing Streets

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Street Name
in 1940 Phone Book
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Street Name in 2001 - 2017
Red Klaipedos g-ve g-ve = gatve = street same as 1940
Purple Minijos g-ve Minija River same as 1940
Yellow Basanaviciaus g-ve - same as 1940
Dark Green Kvietiniu g-ve Kvietiniai is town N. of Gargzdai same as 1940
Light Green Rinkos a. Rinkos = Market
a. = aikste = area; square
Miesto centrine aikste
Blue Kapu g-ve Kapu = Cemetery Zemaites g-ve
Orange Sinagogos g-ve
unnamed on current maps, but Synagogue Street was pointed out by a resident in 2008
and is shown in 1923 synagogue plans

Note: There is a modern street map of Gargzdai at

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Gargazdai Entries in Lithuanian Phone Book, 1940

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