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Last updated 11 April 2014
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Slide show of photos from Dzygivka taken by Miriam Weiner in 1992. She was researching in Dzygivka on behalf of Michael Maidenberg, coordinator of this website. Weiner is the founder of Routes of Roots.

Family History Face to Face is the video of Michael Maidenberg's 1996 trip to Ukraine and Moldova. The Dzygivka portion of the video runs for the first 15 minutes. Viewers are welcome to watch it all. Other portions are of Kishinev, Odessa, Kiev and Chernigov.

See below for images from Maidenberg's 1996 trip and additional images from Weiner's 1992 visit:

Maidenberg in front of the location said to be where his great-grandfather lived and worked. Current building is new.
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 Thumb of store

The Dzygivka cemetery. This is the old section, in great disrepair. There is a newer section, still in use, which is better maintained. Click here to view full-size.

The entry sign to Dzygivka, in Ukrainian.
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A street in Dzygivka identified as "where Jews used to live."
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Monument to residents killed during World War II. Typically, the fact that most were Jews was omitted, and victims were only identified as Soviet citizens. Click here to view full-size.
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