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Family Chrapliwy

Second from left sitting: Markus Chrapliwy (born Dzikow Stary)
Right standing: Leiser Chrapliwy
Sitting right: Ester Leah Rauch
(Picture courtesy Shay Cheruti)

Markus Chrapliwy, June 2005 (picture courtesy Shay Cheruti)

Family Kupferschmidt

The Kupferschmidt family, The Hague, 1923 (picture courtesy Prof. Uri Kupferschmidt)

Dzikow Stary Today

Mr. (Chrapliwy) Cheruti Markus is an Israeli born in Dzikow Stary and his son Shay, paid a visit on 2006 to Dzikow Stary. Below is Markus home.

Entrance to Dzikow Stary (picture Shay Cheruti 2006)

Mr. Cheruti (Chrapliwy) Markus near his childhood home (picture taken in visit 2006)

House in Krukta St., no. 4

House in Krukta St., no. 3

House in Krukta St., no.2

Cieszanów St.

Krukta St. no. 1

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Dzików Stary

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