Life Until the Holocaust

Dzikow Stary was established as a village in the 16th century.

The big estate of Baron Wattman was part of the village. In the year 1780 - 1785 Jews lived in Dzikow Stary which was part of the larger administrative government the municipality of Oleszyce.

By the end of the 19th century a public place to pray was built. This was because of the arrival of the court of the Rabbis' Ropczyce - Dzikow (Tarnobrzeg), (“Admorei Ropshits - Dzikow”) The Rabbis decided to have a Chassidic Center in Dzikow Stary. Five hundred Jews lived in Dzikow Stary during that time.

The village turned to be a little town where Jews mainly worked for Polish farmers. Some families even had their own farms. Others were dealers or small traders. Due to the Rabbis’ Center in Dzikow Stary, Jews were employed in several religious services for the Rabbis.

The Jewish population decreased between the wars 1919 - 1939 due to the departure of the Chassidic Center.

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Dzików Stary

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