Education and Youth Movements

As the Jewish Community was growing a “Melamed,” (teacher) started teaching little children in the “Cheder”.

According to Polish law, every child at the age of 7 had to get an education in Polish schools.

After studying all day long at Polish School, Jewish kids would attend the “Cheder” to continue their Jewish studies.

As Zionism spread among the shtetles in Europe, young people established Zionist Youth movements in many shtetles. In Dzikow Stary the Chassidic way of life did not let the growth of any Zionist or cultural youth movement in the village.

As the Jewish community grew an association for craftsmen was opened during the interwar years, “Yad Charutzim” (hand of the industrious) was its name. The principle was Hersch Wasserman.

Source: Pinkas Hakehilot, Poland, “Dzikow Stary”, Vol. 4/2 pp.157-158 (Yad VaShem, Jerusalem, 2005).

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Dzików Stary

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